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Thanks, Jim and good morning. So we are still sticking with our $70 and feel pretty confident in that. Would you review -- just quickly review sort of the impact that -- the potential impact from PFAS may or may not have on how the cost of landfills and sort of how -- I know there's going to be some rulings or some hearings coming out here over the next few months about it. Even as we invest in high-return sustainability growth projects within our business, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to all of our capital allocation priorities. Is the opportunity for that maybe near-term dilutive impact from M&A in a given period of time to maybe diminish over time because of this? Our operating EBITDA margin performance for the quarter was generally in line with our expectations. And so I think they're going to have to understand the fact that hazardous sites are -- there are far fewer of them than there are non-haz sites. So look, Jim, I don't want to get into the comparison game, but one of your competitors showed core pricing accelerated in Q1. So would that change just be received positively by customers as maybe a way to help reduce volatility to them on the cost side? operations in the informal sector occur at different stages of the As we move from traditional rear load to automated side loaders, we're taking a helper off the back and getting about a 30% productivity pickup, which equates to lower driver technician and truck capital needs. Have you seen those improving? Yeah. Very helpful. I would tell you that's something we've been working on, and that's been a tougher hill to climb, obviously, because those are bigger chunks of a volume and big customers when you're making those decisions. Yard Waste Permits were mailed to property owners in January. Or is that already embedded in the guide, that it returns to more of a normal trend? By using our website you agree to our use of cookies as set out in our Privacy Policy. But other than that, it's been -- I think the temp story has been a consistent one. Solid Waste Enclosures Guide and Design Considerations, Solid Waste How-To Guide for Residents in Sarasota County_ADAc, Items that do belong in your recycling containers, Items that do not belong in your recycling containers, Containers/items may be placed at the curb beginning at 5 p.m. the day, Empty containers should be brought in from the curb by 10 a.m.on the day, Otheritems that may be collected curbside are listed below. View Recycling Schedule (PDF) What's Acceptable for Recycling. and reused. Producer's, manufacturers, and recycler's The first is that we're pleased with the continued progress on our sustainability growth projects relative to plan. So I think what's important in giving color to the dilutive impact from the M&A that we saw in Q1, it really was twofold. Particularly when you think about it on the East Coast and on the West Coast, I mean, maybe not quite as much in the middle of the country, but definitely on the East Coast, I mean, you see it. Yeah. The majority of that, though, really, as we all know, runs through that residential line of business. To hear a replay of the call access the WM website at Please see our Terms and Conditions for additional details, including our Obligatory Capitalized Disclaimers of Liability. 2. Kevin Chiang -- CIBC World Markets -- Analyst. Sign Up for our free News Alerts - All the latest articles on your chosen topics condensed into a free bi-weekly email. So we're pleased with that because I know there were a few that had questioned our $70 number, and that looks like it's probably going to hold. Refurbisher's are under a duty to collect e-waste generated Once you have your container, simply follow the same guidelines as . All trash and recycle items must be placed at the curb no later than 6:30 a.m. on your service day. Thanks, Ed and thank you all for joining us. Click here to view the recycling schedule. Thank you. I know you obviously had the curves here versus some of your peers on investing in CNG and RNG suites. Devina Rankin -- Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer. OK. And then, Devina, can you share something? record of e-waste collected, dismantled, recycled, and sent to If all of those things are worked out, look, we're all in for moving to EV. Also looking at some of our volume numbers, especially MSW, MSW was 2.7%. So I would say we're probably -- we were probably 60% of the way there on that piece. I can't thank our hard-working team members enough for all of their contributions to our success. Apr 27, 2023, 10:00 a.m. Our collective focus continues to be striking the right balance between maximizing customer lifetime value and increasing price to recover higher costs. Further, Now we tend to be kind of at the back end. The City of Houston accepts cartons for recycling. On some holidays, CVWMA recycling collections may be delayed by a day for the remainder of the week. So while we're encouraged the worst of the recent uncertainty is behind us, we still need to see a more reliable delivery schedule from manufacturers. prohibited from dealing with unregistered players. The county's convenience centers will be open seven days a week in late summer 2023. thousand units of electrical and electronic equipment listed in Actually a quick one. For Home. With the mass electrification of transportation, recycling of batteries is a growing concern in India as a significant part of discarded batteries eventually end up in garbage disposals. But as you saw within our post-collection pricing and more specifically our transfer stations, we continue to address that through the revenue quality of the remote gates at or the transfer station. Some of the key points of the E-waste Management Rules 2022 Recycle Coachis your go-to source for all garbage, recycling and hazardous waste information. For this reason, CVWMA stopped providing bins as of Nov. 1, 2022. Carton Recycling Program. Excellent. It looks like your pricing may be peaked in Q4. . Our disciplined organic revenue growth and focus on optimization and cost control are expected to drive year-over-year margin expansion for the remainder of the year, particularly in the third and fourth quarters. So let me take that in pieces. For the full year, we continue to expect flat overall volumes at the midpoint of our guidance. To check your recycling day, visit Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA). All other residents may also take advantage of rear door pick-up for a fee. Containers no longer needed can be brought to a Chesterfield Convenience Center at no cost for recycling. We'll be at 75% probably by the end of the year. And then is there sort of a logical approach we can take to this combined recycling and renewable energy line that's now in the revenue build? And do you just feel comfortable that you can maintain a nice positive spread to unit cost inflation both over the short and long term? No loose trash will be accepted. So once those trucks come in, once we've talked to the customer base, we will transition those. Log in Sign up produces an appalling amount of e-waste and due to lack of Search for upcoming holidays that may affect WM trash and recycling service in your area. Time-sensitive information provided during today's call, which is occurring on April 27th, 2023, may no longer be accurate at the time of a replay. Henrico, Hanover and Goochland Counties First question, I guess, is how to think about fuel rolling over in terms of impact to EBITDA and margins over the rest of the year. registered recycler on the portal and make available all records Q1 was at $54, but it got better as you went through the quarter. Recyclables, yard waste and any large or special pickup items must still be placed curbside. So do you think we see EBITDA margins inflect in 2Q or at least maybe approach flat and they inflect in 3Q? How quickly can we see that productivity impact into your results? So we're going to get a full complement of trucks this year, probably 1,500 to 1,600 is what we think. As I mentioned on the commodity businesses, that was 50 basis points of the impact in the quarter. That is something that differentiates us from others who simply don't have that technology in place. ), Construction wastes (limited to four, 32-gallon containers, each weighing 40 lbs. Yeah. Mondaq uses cookies on this website. . The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy. Thank you for standing by and welcome to the WM first-quarter 2023 earnings conference call. The county is also establishing drop-off recycling stations at Harry G. Daniel Park at Iron Bridge, R. Garland Dodd Park at Point of Rocks, Goyne Park, Irvin G. Horner Park, Huguenot Park, and Rockwood Park. We're pleased to see our robust revenue growth and disciplined focus on cost control translate into solid operating and free cash flow. The mission of the Solid Waste & Recycling Division is to efficiently manage the solid waste stream and provide high quality residential solid waste management services for the citizens of Richland County in order to enhance public safety, public health and quality of life in the County. With that, Tawanda, let's open the line for questions. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection recognizes businesses, institutions, schools, public organizations and citizens who recycle over 40 percentof their waste. Or is that momentum building over the course of the year? They just happen to be higher than our expectations. It takes 30 to 45 days to get those vehicles sort of on the road and get the older vehicles off. Capital spending in the quarter totaled $660 million, with $504 million related to normal course capital to support our business and $156 million of spending on sustainability growth projects. Waste Management . For general questions about garbage and recycling in Sarasota County,call the Sarasota County Contact Center at 941-861-5000. decline in future well-being". And we've already seen in Q1, our fuel surcharge revenue in Q1 versus Q4 of last year was less than half on a year -- or on a sequential basis. effective implementation of the Extended Producer's The Motley Fool recommends Waste Management. So $57 was our average in the month of March. This strong core price translated into collection and disposal yield of 6.2%, a 70 basis point improvement compared with Q1 of 2022. on specified usage of EEE by entity, unlike earlier where it Yard Waste. Indian Standards framed for this purpose. So those three are really kind of our near-term focus that will help us out in the long term. But maybe you could touch a little bit about if there's any change in your approach to acquisitions as you continue to kind of balance SG&A reduction as well as acquisitions. We always are looking at what makes best sense for the shareholders. On the other side, recycle pricing, as we talked about a little bit earlier, is right on our expectations. But keep in mind, part of the M&R pressure is that -- it's not just the trucks we didn't get in 2022, it's we caught up in 2021 from 2022, 2022 to 2023, etc. EPR mechanism under the 2016 Rules focused more on the producer's responsibility to collect back the e-waste introduced in the market and provided collection targets, whereas the EPR regime under 2022 Rules provides an annual e-waste recycling targets to the producers. There are four ways to dispose of these materials. AB 341 requires all businesses that generate 4 cubic yards or more of trash per week to arrange for recycling services. Maybe just how did the value of the recycled commodities in 1Q compare to your expectations? Carton Recycling Go Green Communities. Producers are required to meet recycling targets up to 60% by And that is our expectation, is that the first quarter of 2023 had some margin pressures that we see as more related to 2023 specifically, such that the normal seasonal uptick that we see from a revenue perspective will provide the typical expansion. The Board of Supervisors has waived the first half recycling fee for recycling services provided from Jan. 1 to June 30, 2023. 1. e-waste recycling targets to the producers. Public transport in Paris and le-de-France: itinerary planner; metro, RER and bus maps; information on: traffic, fares, hours, areas After all, the newsletter theyhave run for over a decade, Motley Fool Stock Advisor, has tripled the market.*. Any redistribution, retransmission, or rebroadcast of this call in any form without the expressed written consent of WM is prohibited. And then on the recycling part of the business, the Natura business is in early stages and we're making some investments there, too. Any comparisons, unless otherwise stated, will be with the first quarter of 2022.

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