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Ref 177 Anschutz, Match 54. Rifle has had little use in the last few years, needs a good home. This Pre-owned Anschutz Match 1807 Bolt Action Rifle in .22 LR is in very good condition and comes complete with genuine Anschutz slide on dioptre sight. Looking for a browning or nortinco 22 Cal Rifle Bolt Action that can shot 22 Short Ammo. Lovely walnut stock in superb condition. 22 LR model 1415-1416, very good condition and appears little used but with Anschutz, Model 1400 Bolt Action. If you want a brand new 2021 I can also supply one of those. A near mint condition Anschutz 1517. The Anschutz XIV: The match-grade Model 64 from its target range. 1800 rounds, supplied with original box and paperwork, Hawke 6-24x50 ao scope, The Anschtz 1761 D HB Walnut Classic small calibre carabine excels in smoothness. Weight: 3.27kg, 7.18lbs The poor mans Honey Badger is still a top tier piece of equipment in anyones personal collection. Anschutz offer this gun in both right and left hand options. Heavy varmint barrel? Each is tested at the factory and comes with a certified test target card. Its slim but good. Prior, accurate rifle with great trigger, stock has some wear but barrel and action are great, As new condition. When can deer be hunted? For Sale By MFL Classic Firearms Anschutz 54 Target Rifle Hard to fined Left hand Anschutz. Ref 17513 A lovely well looked after rifle that is an ideal hunter/target gun. Presented in Excellent Condition. 50, A custom Anschutz .22lr target rifle with diopter sights, Accessory rail, Adjustable comb & heel, adjustable match trigger, and stainless Match barrel. Anschutz Match Model 1907 with adjustable stock, complete with Anschutz front and rear sight and hand stop. Over 97% of all biathletes trust in ANSCHTZ. Anschutz 1415-1416. What you have is an Anschutz premium Model 54 action in the guise of the 1710 series bolt action rifle mated to a Select Match grade .22 rimfire barrel with match chambering. The store also has a massive selection of reloading equipment and a very impressive clothing section covering Deerhunter, Browning , Beretta, Musto, Le Chameau and Jack Orton. Anschutz Match 54 V Good Condition Action & Trigger, Anschutz V.G.C, Anschutz Two Stage Match Adjustable, Its a plain Jane but beautiful in its simplicity. Could pass for a new rifle The gun is in super condition. A Precision Rifle in a Fully Adjustable Setup On that point the bolt can be cycled with the safety ON, which is good for unloading. 22Lr , 14" barrels . Configure this silencer with one baffle, or all ten to fit your needs. ANSCHUTZ 1907 WITH 1918 STOCK PRECISE M GRIP 22Lr RIFLE Milled out of high quality strength aluminum, this stock has a very slim fore-end with large radius and is suitable for all hand sizes. Ref 14297 Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA. Purchase with confidence from a . Unlike the CZ, extraction is via a single extractor claw. Stunning, Custom Thumbhole, Exhibition Grade French Walnut stock The CZ: Features classic petite Mauser-design action and bolt assembly. Anschutz Match 54 V Good Condition HUNTING Associated with hunting since 1856. biathlon 97% of all biathletes worldwide trust in us. RFD to RFD transfer always welcome. Accuracy is enhanced by quick firing-pin lock times. The Sportsman Gun Centre is a specialist retailer of hunting and shooting merchandise. Barreled action 54.30 combines new ideas and requirements from the modern target shooting with components that . Ultra compact !!!! Anschutz Model 1415-1416 .22LR rifle. purchased in 1988. Mod available. Excellent condition Anshutz 64 target rifle. For further enquiries, please quote location: 98 Stock, Anschutz Walnut Thumbhole Fully Adjustable, European Rail, System Gemini Hand stop & System, Stock Code: gun28621 From the box this model comes with basic yet functional iron sights. This website uses cookies to provide the best possible functionality. Good Condition A good used example of the fantastic Anschutz 1417. 22 shot bolt action shotgun. The short 14 floating barrel allows a compact yet very accurate gun. This gun can be sent Anschutz 1415-1416. 2. The Anschtz Model 1761 .22 rimfire rifle comes with a five-shot detachable magazine and integral rails for scope or night-vision kit. COMPLETE WITH EDGAR BROTHERS 8 X 56 SCOPE AND SOUND MODERATOR. . There are three integral proprietary scope-mounting slots to the top of the action. Gun is in great condition Make: ANSCHUTZ The Anschutz: Here the safety is pushed forward to fire, revealing a warning red dot on the bottom receiver tang, and rearwards for safe. Anschutz Model 54 .22LR Serial No:186376 12 month A good Anschutz 1415-1416. I SERIOUSLY DOUBT there will be another like this to be found ANYWHERE. Your last viewed and saved ads will appear here, Your last viewed and saved articles will appear here, Your last viewed and saved searches will appear here. Comes with an Anschutz bipod. Please quote #77 when making enquiries. ANSCHUTZ 1727F .17HMR 22.1" BLUED GERMAN STOCK! CZ soon followed with the 16in barrel range. 22LR rifle, with 6 X 42 Scope and Parker Hale sound moderator. Anschutz Match 64 Bolt Action .22 Rifles Category Rifles Subcategory Bolt Action Make Anschutz Calibre .22 Model Match 64 Mechanism - Anschutz Match 64 bolt action single shot target rifle with 26" barrel and adjustable butt pad. Orientation: R/H Been used in international competition representing Great Britain. Beautiful 1813 Super Match in Walnut Thumb hole fully adjustable Stock, Anschutz front and rear sight and original Instruction book and test target. Though the 452 model has a slightly heavier trigger, this unit has a new feature to the Brno range with a trigger-guard that, when set forward, gives the trigger a lighter pull weight. ANSCHUTZ SINGLE SHOT ADAPTER FITS .22LR . They are individual masterpieces, designed according to the latest standards, checked and assembled according to all rules of safety. A used 1417 with Wildcat Whisper Moderator, that has a slight bit of wear here and there but a superbly accurate rifle that would be an ideal target gun or hunter. Model: 1710 The bolt with, true left handed bolt action 18 inch threaded barrel fitted with form custom sabre bedded stocks in a black finish can be fitted with a mod and rail scope of your choice good all round rifles with out compromise. Scope and bipod included. 14 screw cut barrel . For further enquiries, please quote location: 103 With this rifle innumerous national, international and Olympic top results were achieved. The bolt is beautifully miniaturised to fit the .22LR cartridge with a short bolt throw, while the bolt has a twin extractor claw arrangement with a fixed blade ejector. HAND STOP APR Unleashed precision LIGHT SHOOTING The entry into the world of sport shooting. With this model Anschtz has increased the locking area by 15%. 25 7/8 (658mm) Match Grade Heavy Barrel. Perfect for any vermin control requirements. The front end cap features a standard 1/2" socket interface, eliminating the need for proprietary tools for disassembly. 24" barrel without mod attached. The barrel is not threaded for a moderator and if you want that facility then you are going to have to remove the front sight and cut the tube back to suit. From the gas system to the trigger, and telescoping stock, nothing was overlooked and Qs Honey Badger will have you smiling every time you touch it. Barrel marked "Original-JGA-Karabiner" on top and "Cal. The gun is in super condition. A lightweight Anschutz wih a 10 round magazine, topped with a Hawke Sport HD 3-9x50. 9015 Black & Walnut. Stock, Walnut, G.C inc sling swivels, This Pre-owned Anschutz Match 1807 Bolt Action Rifle in .22 LR is in very good condition and comes complete with genuine Anschutz slide on dioptre sight. Fitted with Nikko Stirling 3-9x40 AO Mountmaster Scope & 1 x 5 Rnd Mag, Anschutz .22 LR 1712 (Silhouette sporter), Anschutz .22 LR 1761DHB G-20 Walnut Classic, Anschutz .22 LR 1417 (with sound moderator), Anschutz .22 LR 1712 Silhouette Sporter Monte-Carlo (Match 54, Anschutz .22 LR 1761L D HB Walnut Classic, Anschutz .22 LR 1761 HB G-20 CL 2ST (B/A Rifle), Anschutz .22 LR Model 54.30 in a 1914 walnut stock 26", Anschutz .22 LR 1913 Super Match (Gemini Stock), Anschutz .22 LR 1761 DHB G-20 Thumbhole Walnut, Anschutz .22 LR Mod 1761 Classic LEFT HANDED, Anschutz .22 LR 1416 Thumbhole Deluxe (L/H). By clicking accept, you agree to the use of cookies on your device. Case: Smidtt and Bender scope Deer seasons in the UK. The humble .22 rifle is fairly ubiquitous these days. Thread at the end of the barrel . Short, lightweight, and hearing safe, the Half Nelson is a silencer for those who prefer a more compact platform, or who don't want unnecessary length added to their favorite gun. In standard. Anschutz rifle few marks on stock comes with scope, Sling and moderator 2 magazines. Ultra compact rifle. Copyright 2023 Aceville Publications Ltd. D Germany There is a 62 printed next to some symbols It's 39" long The extractor has a "U" shape that is moved up prior to loading There are horizontal lines cut into the butt to make it look like a butt plate This is a single shot bolt action rifle You can unsubscribe at any time. If the name didnt make it obvious, the Mini Fix is the Mini Action version of The Fix in a pistol configuration. Perfect for a shorter gun where the added length isnt a huge deal, toss it on and you never have to take it off. 22LR rifle, with 6 X 42 Scope and Parker Hale sound moderator. Up front a height-adjustable pin on a ramp with a removable steel protector. The Anschutz XIV: In my option the Anschutz trigger is top of the group. You will certainly not be disappointed. It comes with a booster for tilt barrel actions and Q has fixed mounts available as well for mounting on fixed barrels. The Quad takes the .22 rifle from Sako to the next level of versatility, thanks to a quick barrel-change facility. At only 2.6 oz in its longest configuration, its the lightest .22 silencer on the market. The rimfire industry has now realised that most people in Britain cut off at least 8in of barrel to retro-fit a sound moderator. 22lr bolt action rifle. The bolt is quite large for a rimfire with a length of more than 6in (the CZ is 5in). Milled out of high quality strength aluminum, this stock has a very slim fore-end with large radius and is suitable for all hand sizes. Rifle in excellent condition. Copyright 2023 Aceville Publications Ltd.Registration number: 04109672 | Registered Office Address: 185 Fleet Street, London, England, EC4A 2HS. Anschutz 1415-1416. In very clean condition. The Anschtz 1416 D KL Classic certainly lives up to its name as its undeniably plain and traditional but the build just oozes quality. A fantastic quality .22 long rifle, this piece of German precision engineering is the base of what is an exceptional small quarry package. BYPOD AND SLING STUDS ANSCHTZ researches and produces at a high-tech level. A very clean, original and lightly used example. Bolt Action Anschutz rifles are German made , it's top quality . SH-6709 Bolt Action .410 Single Barrel Shotgun 25in. J. G. Anschtz GmbH & Co. KG is a sporting firearms manufacturer based in Ulm, Germany, that makes rimfire and centerfire rifles as well as air rifles and air pistols for target and competition shooting, as well as hunting. Owners tend to hang on to them because of the Rugers fine construction and simple, plain accuracy. ANSCHUTZ 1727F .17HMR 22.1" BLUED GERMAN STOCK! Though it exceeded expectations, it was never brought to the commercial market. Purchase , Stock Code: gun28011 The magazine fills easily enough and the rie fed 100% reliably, though I did find that the CCI ammo was harder to chamber than the Winchester, facts most noticeable as I rolled the handle down to lock the action. It comes complete with a Brand New Model 6805 Dioptre and Front Tunnel Kit included. Bear in mind the equivalent rifle today for 2021 is the 1907 with 1914 Walnut Stock. Bolt Action $2,495.00. The interplay of tradition and progress, research and development and the continuous search for new ideas have resulted in a trend-setting range of sports rifles and . A Superbly Accurate Rifle. In 22lr with 14" barrel . Is the rimfire .22 long rifle cartridge the top seller in the UK? However, at the end of the range session it was starting to feel slightly better, and Id say a few hundred rounds would sort it! . Presented in Good Condition, WILDCAT SOUND MODERATOR (Read the full review here). BRAND NEW, STILL IN ITS ORIGINAL PACKAGING. Quiet and precise position. Ultra compact rifle. Your last viewed and saved ads will appear here, Your last viewed and saved articles will appear here, Your last viewed and saved searches will appear here. Still a Quickie Fast-Attach can, mounted on a Cherry Bomb, the Thunder Chicken os great for shooters who dont mind a little extra length but really cherish that sound suppression. The Anschutz stands out as a superbly made and accurate rifle with the best trigger and accuracy in the test, but the lack of a synthetic stock might be an issue to some. Calibre: .22 LR Attractive woodwork. With 10 shot magazine, fitted with leather sling and sound moderator. It's top quality . Detachable mag . A great rifle to start out with! A left hand Anshutz 1416 .22LR in a limited run Form custom stock, with a 5 round Mechanism: Bolt Action, New Anschutz rifle Model 1761 Classic perfect starter or club gun Barrel, V.G.C 1/2" UNF threaded includes .22 Parker Hale Sound Moderator, ANSCHUTZ 1907 WITH 1918 STOCK PRECISE M GRIP 22Lr RIFLE Milled out of high quality strength aluminum, this stock has a very slim fore-end with large radius and is suitable for all hand sizes. Fully adjustable, it is set at 1.2g weight at the factory, but can be adjusted if competent to do so. . I like the Sako Quad. Make: Anschutz Shrike Scope - 10x40 included Erector:If modular is what youre looking for, then youve come to the right place. Comes with an Anschutz bipod. Made in the interwar period with commercial "crown/N" proofs on the barrel receiver and bolt. Thumbhole walnut stock with lovely grain & figures . It uses M4 pattern magazines as opposed to the SR-25 pattern magazines used by its big brother The Fix. Very accurate rifle in well-maintained condition. It's top quality . A high quality German 17HMR r rifle , includes a SAK moderator and a new 3-9x40 Hawke scope . perfect starter or club gun Realistic Retail on this rifle today is circa 2850 and more. Make: Anschutz For all further enquiries please quote number: 106 Crisp trigger 5/10 26'' barrel with Anschutz diopter sights, The CZ, Sako and Anschutz have options of five- or 10-shot detachable magazines. Anschutz first offered the 14in short model. Refinished checkered walnut stock has cheekpiece and original butt plate. MFL Classic Firearms. - Spotless. Though still un-threaded from the box. Overall length measures to 45 (1163mm) and tips scales bare at 9 Lbs 11 oz (4.408 Kg). This website uses cookies to improve and customise your browsing experience.

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